Monday, April 10, 2006


On Monday, April 10, 2006, I delivered a paper detailing my research into "The Emergent Church" for a local Pastor's Fellowship. The meeting was attended by many different folks, some involved in the emergent movement and others just hearing of it for the first time.
I am posting that paper here in sections. The idea is to invite comment on each section as we go along and see if we cannot learn what good emergent has to offer and also what areas need correction. Some day I hope to include a link to an audio recording of the meeting so that you can listen to the discussion that followed - I think it was a very helpful time. Once our new church website is up and running, I will also link to a PDF of the entire paper in case you would prefer to read the whole thing at once and skip the comments.
So - welcome! Feel free to comment away... I only request that you do your best to make your comments constructive, as in "adding to" the conversation.
Let's examine emergent!


Kenny said...

You've been posted in "favourites" (well actually "favorites") and since I had to exit early to take part in a funeral (some people are just so inconsiderate!!)I look forward to eventually hearing the banter in the Q&A that you are making avavilable. Thanks.

Glad you're doing this.

Ian said...

Looking forward to the discussion. Although alot of your HTML code is stuck in the body of the paper. Hard to read!

Ian said...

Oh I get it, it's for the footnotes!

andrew jones said...


looking forward to reading your thoughts. i am hoping it is more than a tour of books. thanks for being willing to blog it out for us and let us respond.

much appreciated

John Kaiser said...

Keep up the excellent work!